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Warranty Information

The products we sell are backed by the manufacturers warranties which vary from 30 days to 5 or more years depending on the manufacturer, the product and how it was installed. We highly recommend reading the warranty policies of each item you are looking to purchase to understand warranty limitations of each. 

If you have an issue with the product you received from us which would be covered under a warranty, we highly suggest contacting the manufacturer directly first for support. Most manufacturers require you to contact and work directly with them for assistance with your product and have teams dedicated to getting you an operating item. 

You can find the list of warranties of the major manufacturers we sell on each item page.

Zodiac / Jandy Warranty Warning

Zodiac Pool Systems's warranties do not apply if you purchase an item through the internet or from any company with an online presence. In an effort to fully disclose your rights and Zodiac's unwillingness to warranty their products, we highly suggest that you explore items manufactured by other reputable manufacturers on our website rather than purchasing an item manufactured by Zodiac.

Unfortunately, since Zodiac will not warranty their products, we cannot offer a warranty or assist with a defective item.

Many states require manufacturers provide warranties on products under their respective consumer protection laws. We suggest contacting your state's attorney general if your warranty claim was denied by Zodiac based on where you purchased the item.


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