The Hammer-Head was designed by a pool industry professional with over 30 years of experience in the field. Made in America since 1997, Hammerhead proves that pool cleaning doesn’t need to be hard work.
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Hammerhead Pool Cleaners

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Digital Volt Meter for HammerHead
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Hammerhead Bag Variety Kit - Pack of 5
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Why should you buy a Hammer-Head Pool Cleaner?

Hammer-Head swimming pool cleaners are the best type of cleaner for pool professionals to use due to their durability, efficiency, and versatility. Hammer-Head cleaners feature heavy-duty construction and components designed to stand up to frequent use in commercial settings. The cleaners are equipped with powerful motors that enable them to quickly remove dirt and debris from a wide variety of pool surfaces.

They also feature different head sizes, allowing professionals to customize the cleaning process for different pool types and sizes. Additionally, Hammer-Head's technology is compatible with both saltwater and freshwater pools, making it an ideal choice for any professional looking for an all-purpose cleaner. With these features combined into one package, Hammer-Heads offer a comprehensive solution for efficient, effective pool cleaning that any professional can depend upon.