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Floating Key Chain - Orange Life Ring
5 (1)
Jim Buoy #334-88
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$6.99 $10.16
Floating Key Chain - White Life Ring
Jim Buoy #334-87
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Floating Key Chain - White Horseshoe
Jim Buoy #334-86
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$4.99 $10.16
Floating Key Chain - Yellow Horseshoe
Jim Buoy #334-85
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$4.99 $10.16
Rescue Tube Floating Key Chain - Guard
Poolweb #AQKC100M-YL
14 in stock
$1.99 $4.08

Guard themed key chains make the perfect gift for your staff. With many options available, you will surely find one that fits their personality and style! They even come in a variety of colors so you can choose which suits them best. Plus, they can float to prevent accidental drops into water!