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Maine state flag Maine Pool Regulations

Maine Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations 

Regulations for the State of Maine for commercial swimming pools dictates the required safety equipment, pool rules signs, safety signs as well as various other traditional construction and safety regulations related to swimming pools. 

Code: Maine 10-144 CMR Chapter 202
Effective Date: September 1, 2010
Governing Body: Maine Department of Health and Human Services
Notes: The State of Maine Pool Rules are available in two formats depending if you have a pool approved for diving or not. All pools that are not approved for diving should use the rules sign with the No Diving statement included. Maine utilizes our common No Lifeguard sign which is required to be posted at facilities not having a lifeguard.

Required Equipment for Public Pools

Safety Equipment Notes

Lifeguard Signs

Telephone Signs

Chemical Signs

Pool Rules Signs

Spa Rules Signs

No Diving Signs

Compliance with these recommendations does not guarantee that you will be in conformance with any building code, health code, or federal, state or local regulations regarding safety or pool regulation compliance. Compliance does not ensure the absolute safety of you, your operations or place of business. Aquatic Technology, Inc ( is not a law firm and does not and will not perform services performed by an attorney.