World leading manufacturer of commercial and residential pool deck equipment (rails, slides, diving boards, games, in-pool furniture, starting blocks, lifeguard chairs, thermal pool covers) ADA pool lifts and pool lighting products.
1017 SW Berg Parkway
P.O. Box 400 Canby, OR 97013
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SR Smith

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SR Smith Lift-Operator Battery - 1001495
4.5 (13)
SR Smith #1001495
34 in stock
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Recessed Board Mounting Washer
5 (11)
SR Smith #05-632
73 in stock
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Swim-N-Dunk Rim and Net With Hardware
5 (1)
10 in stock
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Mod-Lite RGB LED Light 7 Watts - 12 VAC 80 Foot Cord
5 (2)
SR Smith #MLED-C-80
6 in stock
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SR Smith Two-Button Hand Controller for Lift-Operator - 1001601
5 (1)
SR Smith #1001601
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Swim-N-Dunk Backboard Replacement - 40 Inches - Clear Acrylic
4.8 (8)
SR Smith #SPG-200
9 in stock
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Actuator LA34 for Splash/PAL Pool Lifts
4.6 (5)
SR Smith #100-5000A
7 in stock
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Adapter for 1.50 Umbrella Sleeve Anchors
5 (6)
10 in stock
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Plastic Econoline Ladder Tread Step - 17.25 Inch Width
5 (14)
SR Smith #AQ6402
30 in stock
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Frontier II Diving Board Mounting Kit
4.9 (8)
SR Smith #69-209-032-SS
4 in stock
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Treo Color RGB LED Replacement Lamp - 5 Watts 12 Volts - Current Generation
4.5 (8)
Allow 2-4 Weeks to Ship
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PoolLUX Plus Lighting Control System With Wireless Remote - 60 Watts
4.5 (2)
SR Smith #pLX-PL60
Allow 2-4 Weeks to Ship
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Stainless Steel Round Escutcheon Plate - 1.90 Inch O.D. - Marine Grade
5 (3)
SR Smith #EP-100F-MG
23 in stock
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Diving Board Fulcrum Cover
5 (4)
SR Smith #FC-100A
13 in stock
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SR Smith Swimming Pool Equipment

SR Smith is a leading manufacturer of swimming pool products, providing high-quality and dependable products for customers to enjoy their pools in comfort and safety. Their range includes diving boards, starting platforms, slide anchors and rails, lifeguard chairs, handrails, ladders and steps, lighting systems and pool lifts.

The company's diving boards come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your needs while also providing superior performance. The starting platforms are designed for use with diving boards to provide secure takeoff points from the pool edge. Slide anchors can be used in combination with SR Smith slides for safer installations.

SR Smith lifeguard chairs are designed to be lightweight yet durable enough for the toughest of jobs. Handrails are made from stainless steel or aluminum for ultimate durability and reliability. Ladders and steps make it easier for people to enter and exit the pool safely without slipping or falling. Lighting systems provide clear visibility when swimming at night while also adding ambiance to your backyard oasis. Finally, if you're looking for an ADA compliant solution, SR Smith's range of pool lifts ensures your pool is accessible to everyone regardless of physical abilities.