Heating and Cooling

Extend your swim season with a heater or cool your pool down with an aeration cannon. Poolweb has everything you need to get your water temperature just right!

Pool and Spa Heaters

If you want to add or replace a heater in your pool or spa, check out our excellent selection of electric and gas heaters from residential to commercial size.

Aeration Cannons

Our Aeration Cannons can reduce warm water temperatures by up to 15° F and can pump up to 175 gallons per minute, depending on the size of the unit.

Thermometers and Sensors

Monitor your pool or spa heating temperatures with one of our accurate and reliable heating thermometers or sensors.

Popular in Heating and Cooling

PR206AENC 199,500 BTUs Pool and Spa Digital Heater - Natural Gas
Raypak #R009216
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Avia PR404AE 399,000 BTUs Wi-Fi Enabled Pool and Spa Heater - Propane Gas
Raypak #PR404AEPC
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1 HP Pool Water Cooling Cannon - 115V with 50 Foot Cord and Cart
Poolweb.com #AQWC101520A-V01
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Regular price $4,097.79 $4,097.79
Adjustable Angle Thermometer 30-180 Degrees F - 6 Inch Stem
Poolweb.com #A960AF4
Limited Stock Available
Regular price $76.91 $76.91
In Line Thermometer - 30-130 Degrees With Nylon Well
Pentair #LLSL1DW
Allow 2-3 Months to Ship
Regular price $88.05 $88.05
Inline Thermometer 50-220 Degree - 1/2 Inch MNPT
Pentair #SL2D
Allow 1-2 Months to Ship
Regular price $80.88 $80.88

Swimming Pool Heaters and Chillers

Both heating and cooling equipment can provide comfort and more enjoyment to your pool or spa. Aeration cooling cannons are used to reduce warm water temperatures and are especially useful in hotter climates. Pool heaters can effectively extend your pool season. Pool and spa heaters and heat pumps available in electric, propane or natural gas for small spas or large commercial aquatic facilities.