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Activator - Water Clarifier and Algae Control - 20 Lbs.
  • Activator - Water Clarifier and Algae Control - 20 Lbs.
Poolweb #C002831-PL20

Activator - Water Clarifier and Algae Control - 20 Lbs.

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Product Information


This is a 20 pound tub of Haviland Activator that is formulated to enhance your water quality by helping control algae and clarify the water. Activator is a dry granular that conditions the pool water. Water is noticeably more comfortable for swimmers.

Active Ingredients of this Activator: 99.5% Tetraborate Pentahydrate.

Directions for Adding Activator to your Pool:

With pump running, broadcast Activator over the surface area of the pool. Apply 2 pounds per each 1,000 gallons of pool water. This initial treatment must be added in two doses with one half of the necessary amount being added in each application. For initial pH adjustment use 3/4 pound pH Down or 10 ounces of muriatic acid for each pound of this product, mixing acid in bucket of water, then add to pool.

The pH of the pool water may rise as a normal reaction to the introduction of this product. After a normal turnover of pool water, adjust the pH to 7.4-7.6 using a reliable acid demand kit. This product is compatible with all materials normally used in swimming pool maintenance.

This product is lost from water only through filter backwash and splash-out.

Product Features

  • Inhibits scale from accumulating on surfaces and equipment
  • Reduces filter maintenance
  • Improves water clarity
  • Compatible with all sanitizers
  • Not affected by UV or sunlight
  • Prevents algae in recreational pool water
  • Increased sanitizer efficiency

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Product CategorySpecialty Chemicals
Poolweb Item #C002831-PL20
Shipping Weight20.0 lb

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