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Dolphin 6-Lane Stopwatch System - 1 Watch Per Lane Dolphin 6-Lane Stopwatch System - 1 Watch Per Lane Dolphin 6-Lane Stopwatch System - 1 Watch Per Lane Dolphin 6-Lane Stopwatch System - 1 Watch Per Lane
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Colorado Time Systems
Poolweb #1151-WTS-D1061

Dolphin 6-Lane Stopwatch System - 1 Watch Per Lane

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This is a Dolphin Wireless 6-Lane Stopwatch System with 1 Watch Per Lane. The Dolphin System provides wireless swimming stopwatch-style timing for swimming competitions. Each Dolphin system includes the specified number of stopwatches, a base unit, starter unit, and Dolphin software. It significantly reduces the amount of effort required to run a meet and manage data. By transferring all timing data wirelessly, the system has improved accuracy compared to manual swimming stopwatches.

The Dolphin System has three modes of operation: Semi-Automatic Timing (Synchronized Start/Manual Stop), Manual Synchronized Start/Manual Stop, and Manual Start/Manual Stop. In all three operational modes, finish times are wirelessly transmitted and recorded. The wireless system features wireless swimming stopwatches, split feature, and meet management interface. The Dolphin Wireless System is 2.4 GHz with 16 channels, spread spectrum. It has a single standard 9 volt battery that provides 40 plus hours of operation. Hy-Tek Meet Manager Software and a laptop are required. You have the option to use your meet management program and Dolphin together as the primary timing system or as a backup timing system with the click of a button.

Dolphin is an accurate, wireless, effortless swim timing solution. The system supports multiple split times (up to 10 per race) per participant for use in competition and training. The split times are displayed on the scoreboard during the course of the event. At the conclusion, a log file is created and can be reviewed at a later time. The Dolphin system integrates with most meet management programs. Whether you use it for competition or practice, this system will save you time and improve your accuracy.

Product Features

  • Transfers timing data wirelessly
  • Improved accuracy
  • System includes stopwatches, base unit, starter unit and software
  • Base Unit (connects via USB cable to laptop running Meet Manager)
  • Starter Unit (for synchronized manual or electronic starts)
  • 3 modes of operation
  • Dolphin Split Feature
  • Meet management interface
  • 2.4 GHz with 16 channels
  • Stopwatches have 9 volt batteries
  • Single battery lasts 40 hours

Technical Specifications

Product CategoryTiming Equipment
Poolweb Item #1151-WTS-D1061
Cross Reference #WTS-D1061
ManufacturerColorado Time Systems
Shipping Weight39.99 lb

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