Poolweb Water Testing Reagents Poolweb #7041-H
LaMotte Calcium Hardness #2 - 2 Oz (60 mL) Bottle - 7041-H LaMotte Calcium Hardness #2 - 2 Oz (60 mL) Bottle - 7041-H
  • LaMotte Calcium Hardness #2 - 2 Oz (60 mL) Bottle - 7041-H
  • LaMotte Calcium Hardness #2 - 2 Oz (60 mL) Bottle - 7041-H
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Poolweb #7041-H

LaMotte Calcium Hardness #2 - 2 Oz (60 mL) Bottle - 7041-H

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This is a 2 ounce bottle of Calcium Hardness #2 reagent. This reagent is used with the ColorQ Digital Photometer Testing Kits.

Product Features

  • Genuine Lamotte replacement calcium hardness.

Storage & Shelf Life Guarantee

All pool test kit reagents have a shelf life, whether they are liquids, powders, crystals, tablets, or test-strip pads. The items date of manufacture is not the controlling factor when it comes to shelf life ... storage conditions are more important. All of our reagents are stored in an environment that meets or exceeds all manufacturers' recommendations to ensure no loss in the quality and stability of reagents. We suggest that you store this item at a consistent temperature of approximately 72 degrees away from heat and direct sunlight.

This item, manufactured by Lamotte, has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of which it was manufactured. Poolweb.com guarantees that the bottle you receive will have a shelf life of 3 months from the date of your order. If the bottle you receive does not meet this guarantee, please contact us.

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Product CategoryReagents
Poolweb Item #7041-H
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