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LaMotte Free Chlorine/Bromine/Alk/pH Combo 3-Test Disk - Pack of 50
  • LaMotte Free Chlorine/Bromine/Alk/pH Combo 3-Test Disk - Pack of 50
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Poolweb #4335-H

LaMotte Free Chlorine/Bromine/Alk/pH Combo 3-Test Disk - Pack of 50

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The LaMotte 4335-H Free Chlorine/Bromine/Alkalinity/pH Combination 3-Test Spin Disk tests for these four elements and can test up to 3 times on the disk. Each disk is divided internally into thirds and each section holds reagents for a separate test. You'll be able to test (for example, FCl, TCl, and pH) three separate times on the same disk, giving you 150 tests per 50 disks.

Each disk includes a set of reagents for the series. Tests for all factors in the series are performed at one time. It is not possible to isolate the well for a single factor and perform a test for one test factor only.

The 3-test disk can be used to test 3 water samples for 3 factors. Each test uses a well in the disk. Once a well is filled, the next empty well is used for the next sample, until all 3 wells are filled. Then the disk is used up and a new disk is needed to continue testing. Additional tests in partially filled disk must be used within 4 hours of the first test.

Note: the disk must be kept flat between tests so water in the disk from the previous test doesn't migrate into the untested wells. And all tests on the disk must be run on the same day (within 4 hours) once it has had water added to it.

Product Features

  • Test 3 Parameters - 3 Times!
  • Test results in 30 seconds
  • Free Chlorine: 0-15.0 ppm
  • Bromine: 0-33.0 ppm
  • pH: 6.3-8.6 pH
  • Total Alkalinity: 0-250 ppm
  • Genuine LaMotte replacement test series disk

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Poolweb Item #4335-H
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