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Ultra Fine Volcanic Hammerhead Bag With Cleat - 28 Inches Ultra Fine Volcanic Hammerhead Bag With Cleat - 28 Inches Ultra Fine Volcanic Hammerhead Bag With Cleat - 28 Inches
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Poolweb #HH1510

Ultra Fine Volcanic Hammerhead Bag With Cleat - 28 Inches

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This replacement Hammerhead Ultra Fine Volcanic Bag is 28 inches in length and is designed to pick up the finest dust in special clean ups. The bag includes a cleat to ensure a tight fit on cleaning head. The Volcanic bag has a patented, no leak design. It is tested to pick up approximately 95% of fire ash and DE powder. Use this bag when the pool is mostly clean. Overall bag height is 28 inches for extra capacity.

Authentic Hammerhead debris bags are hand made here in the USA and are inspected prior to packaging and shipment. Empty them frequently while vacuuming, and store them clean, dry, and out of the sunlight for the longest life.

Note: HammerHead Debris Bag colors may differ from those pictured. Please refer to the tag on the bag for identification.

Product Features

  • Ultrafine Bag with cleat filters to 75 microns
  • Picks up most fire ash and DE powder
  • Use this bag in mostly clean pools
  • Size: 28 inches in height
  • Tag color: White
  • Genuine Hammerhead replacement bag

Using the Hammer-Head Debris Bag

1. Pull the debris bag down over the lip on the vacuum head. Placing the clip over the front decal and standing over the vacuum head will allow you to tighten the clip.
2. Pull both strings so that the clip is as tight against the vacuum head as possible, then pull the strings down tightly into the grooves of the clip.
3. If you need to re-tighten the strings, simply pull one string up and out to release it, then pull it down and into the groove of the clip again to tighten. To release the bag for emptying, simply pull one string out of the groove again, leaving the second string in place.

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Product CategoryPool Cleaner Filter Bags
Poolweb Item #HH1510
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