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Water Rescue Manikin - Adult Water Rescue Manikin - Adult Water Rescue Manikin - Adult Water Rescue Manikin - Adult Water Rescue Manikin - Adult
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Poolweb #AQ1354

Water Rescue Manikin - Adult

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The Simulaids Adult Water Rescue Manikin is designed for use in various water rescue and lifesaving exercises including top and bottom rescue. The manikin's skeleton consists of rust-resistant coated steel cables, fittings, and hardware. The body is constructed of very durable plastic and has articulated joints for life-like training.

To submerge, remove the vinyl cover and plastic insert located in the abdomen of the manikin. Add weight, if needed, and replace the cover and insert. The manufacturer recommends a flotation device and/or tether be affixed to the manikin in those situations where loss is possible.

When you place the manikin in water, it will sink up to its neck. To make the manikin sink to the bottom, add five to ten pounds of weight to the manikin (not included). A brick will work nicely.

The adult manikin weighs approximately 40 lbs. The submerged weight is approximately 105 lbs. Additional weight can be added to completely submerge the manikin at 140 lbs.

The Simulaids Water Rescue Manikins are used by the American Red Cross, U.S. Coast Guard, Lifeguard Trainers, and Emergency Response Personnel. They are an excellent top and bottom water rescue device for adding the shock of realism to an otherwise ordinary practice procedure. Ensure your trainees receive a high degree of rescue preparedness with the Simulaids Water Rescue Manikin!

Product Features

  • Top and bottom water rescue training
  • Rust resistant skeleton parts
  • Durable plastic and articulated joints
  • Manikin Height: 5 Feet, 5 Inches
  • Manikin Submerged Weight: 105 pounds
  • Complete Submerged Weight with added weights: 140 pounds
  • Replaceable parts
  • Measurements: 65 x 23 x 9 inches
  • Three-year warranty

Technical Specifications

Product CategoryTraining Aids
Poolweb Item #AQ1354
Cross Reference #675822, 132
Shipping Weight48.0 lb

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