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Did you know: According to ADA standards, large pools require multiple means of assisted access! Most people know that commercial/public pools require a pool lift, but many are unaware that larger pools need a secondary means of access.

Effective March 15, 2012, The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines were made effective. The ADA affects pools operated by park and recreation districts, hotels and motels, fitness and recreational sports clubs, country clubs, high schools and universities, water parks, hospitals, and health care facilities.

For pools larger than 300 linear feet (in pool wall length) there must be two accessible means of entry. This includes a pool lift and a set of ADA compliant stairs or other means of access. In addition, ADA standards outline specifics regarding the construction of pool steps.

Pool steps must:

  • Have uniform riser heights and tread depths
  • Have a minimum of 11” depth
  • Have closed risers. Open risers are not permitted
  • Have treads with a slope not steeper than 1:48
  • Have handrails spaced between 20-24 inches apart