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Pool depth markers display important information regarding your pool’s water depth, diving policies, and much more. While most states require depth markers in public pools, the choice of which type to install is up to you!

Ceramic Depth Markers

Ceramic depth markers are used as a permanent marker, installed in either the pool deck or the pool wall. They are installed like a standard tile with mortar and grout. These are purchased for new pool installations/renovations, or to replace existing cracked depth markers.

There are two types of ceramic tiles available. One is skid resistant and the other has a smooth surface finish. Skid resistant tiles are used mainly for the deck or gutter applications. The smooth surface tiles are for waterline applications.

Smooth Ceramic Tile

 Smooth Ceramic markers are used inside the pool. With a nice smooth texture, your swimmers will not get scuffed!

Skid-Resistant Ceramic Tile

 Skid Resistant ceramic markers are great for your pool deck, where they provide an extra bit of grip for safety.

Plastic Overlays

Plastic Overlays are highly versatile – install them over almost anything! They are meant for your pool interior.

Plastic overlay depth markers are made to mark the waterline depth in your pool. They have rounded corners, a smooth surface, and a thin profile. They can be installed over most surfaces including tile, fiberglass, paint, vinyl liner, and etc. Overlays designed to be installed over existing tile depth marking that has faded or to mark depths inside pools where ceramic tile will not work. You can replace a ceramic depth maker without having to drain the pool, chip out the old one and reset a new tile. Plastic overlay are quick and easy to install mid-season.

Plastic Overlays are self-sticking with two very strong 3M adhesive strips that will attach to almost any clean pool surface.

3M Stick-On

3M Stick-Ons are a super easy to install option made strictly for your pool deck.

Our Deck and Coping 3M® Depth Markers are skid resistant and designed for above the water line and deck placement around your pool and deck. They are quick and easy to install.

Stick-on Depth Markers eliminate messy stenciling. They are made of a durable commercial-grade vinyl and are pressure sensitive. They are designed to adhere to sealed, painted, or rough concrete surfaces, as well as existing tile. In addition, they are skid resistant which helps prevent slippage.

3M® Stick-on Depth Markers are for above the water line use only.