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Why is pool alkalinity important to pool water chemistry?

Pool alkalinity is an important factor in chemistry because it helps to maintain the pH balance of water. When pool alkalinity is too low, acidity levels can increase which can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of chlorine and other chemicals used to keep the pool clean. On the other hand, if pool alkalinity is too high, it can result in scale build-up on pool surfaces as well as cloudy and foamy water. In order for pools to be safe and enjoyable for bathers, appropriate levels of alkalinity must be maintained.

In addition to its importance for chemistry, proper pool alkalinity also serves to protect pipes, pumps, and filtration systems from corrosion that could potentially be caused by low pH levels. The ideal range for pool alkalinity is 80-120 ppm; any lower or higher than this range can result in different negative impacts on both chemistry and swimming pools.