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100DM4 Double Head Adjustable Flow Pump - 25 PSI 70 GPD 120 Volt - 1/4 Inch Standard Tubing 100DM4 Double Head Adjustable Flow Pump - 25 PSI 70 GPD 120 Volt - 1/4 Inch Standard Tubing
  • 100DM4 Double Head Adjustable Flow Pump - 25 PSI 70 GPD 120 Volt - 1/4 Inch Standard Tubing
  • 100DM4 Double Head Adjustable Flow Pump - 25 PSI 70 GPD 120 Volt - 1/4 Inch Standard Tubing
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Poolweb #100JL4A1STAA

100DM4 Double Head Adjustable Flow Pump - 25 PSI 70 GPD 120 Volt - 1/4 Inch Standard Tubing

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Product Information


This double head Stenner pool chemical pump #100JL4A1STAA provides reliable chemical feeding for your swimming pool. This model 100DM4 series pump is an adjustable flow pump that has the potential of delivering 70 gallons of chemicals per day under a maximum pressure of 25 PSI. This 120 volt pump is able to prime liquid chemicals up to 25 feet away and will never lose prime.

Included with this pump is 20 feet of 1/4 Inch suction/discharge tubing used to connect the pump to the chemical tank and injection site. This tubing is white and designed to be used for indoor installations or where the tubing is protected from sunlight.

This pump is provides an adjustable feed control system to control the feed of this pump to from 100% to 5% of its rated gallons per day in increments of 2.5 percent. It includes an external dial ring that can be turned to achieve the correct feed rate.

Included in the box with this pump is the suction and discharge tubing, weighted suction strainer, injection fitting, nuts and ferrules as well as a replacement internal tube and mounting bracket. Everything you need to for a standard installation of this pump is included.

Stenner chemical transfer feed pumps are one of the easiest pool chemical feed pumps to install and maintain. Over the last 60 years, Stenner has manufactured a simple and reliable chemical pump that is relied upon by commercial swimming pool facilities throughout the US.

Product Features

  • Adjustable output potential of 70 gallons of chemical per day.
  • Includes 1/4 Inch Suction and Discharge Tubing.
  • 120 volt double head pump.
  • Quick and Easy to Service and Use.
  • Commercial grade components conform to ANSI/NSF STD 50.

Stenner Double Head Adjustable Pump

Flow Rate Output Chart 25 psi (1.7 bar) maximum Approximate 20:1 turndown, 2.5% increments
Model Item
No. Prefix
Tube #
per Day
per Hour
per Minute
per Day
per Hour
per Minute
per Day
per Hour
per Minute
100 Series Approximate Output @ 60Hz Approximate Output @ 50Hz
100DM1 100JL1 #1 0.3-6.00.01-0.250.03-0.531.1-22.70.05-0.950.76-15.76 0.9-18.20.04-0.760.61-12.64
100DM2 100JL2 #2 1.0-20.00.04-0.830.09-1.783.8-75.70.16-3.152.64-52.57 3.0-60.60.13-2.532.11-42.06
100DM3 100JL3 #3 2.2-44.00.09-1.830.19-3.918.3-166.50.35-6.945.76-115.63 6.6-133.20.28-5.554.58-92.50
100DM4 100JL4 #4 3.5-70.00.15-2.920.31-6.2213.2-265.00.55-11.049.17-184.03 10.6-212.00.44-8.837.36-147.22
100DM5 100JL5 #5 5.0-100.00.21-4.170.44-8.8818.9-378.50.79-15.7713.13-262.88 15.1-302.80.63-12.6110.49-210.28

Why should you purchase a Stenner Chemical Pump for your pool?

There are numerous benefits to buying a Stenner Pump Company chemical pump for their pool, which have contributed to the company's solid reputation and success over the years. Stenner prides itself on producing dependable pumps that require minimal service and expense. Their less than 1% return rate speaks to the quality and reliability of their products.

Stenner pumps are designed and constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring a long-lasting and durable product. The company's commitment to quality means that customers can trust their pump to perform consistently and effectively over time. Stenner provides exceptional technical support, ensuring that customers have access to valuable assistance and resources when needed. This backing not only assists with initial installation and setup but also guarantees ongoing support throughout the life of the pump.

The benefits of purchasing a Stenner chemical pump are numerous, with the company's long-standing commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction at the heart of its success. By choosing a Stenner pump, customers can expect a reliable, durable, and customizable solution that meets their specific needs while also supporting a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

Technical Specifications

Product CategoryChemical Pumps
Poolweb Item #100JL4A1STAA
Shipping Weight10.0 lb

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