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CO2 Gas pH Control System - 110 Volts
Chemtrol #CO2
Allow 5-7 Days to Ship
CO2 Gas pH Control System With Automatic Switchover for 2 Tanks - 110 Volts
Chemtrol #CO2AUTO
Allow 10-14 Days to Ship
CO2 Single Tank Feed System
Poolweb #1111-CO2FeedUnit
Allow 5-7 Days to Ship
CO2 Single Tank Pressure Regulator
Neptune Benson #11471
Allow 7-10 Days to Ship
CO2 Argon Mix Flowmeter Regulator Kit - Single Stage
Poolweb #AC000
Allow 3-5 Days to Ship
CO2 Feeder Single Tank With Bracket - 120 Volts
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Neptune Benson #11473
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Carbon Dioxide for Pool pH Control

Swimming pool carbon dioxide feeders are a great alternative to managing your pool's pH without having to use acid or any other harsh chemicals. Just add a CO2 feeder to your chemical control system to have your pH automatically controlled using a safe alternative to liquid muriatic acid.

Carbon Dioxide is a non-corrosive gas that can be used as a substitute for other acids (such as Muriatic acid HCl) in chemical treatment of pools and spas. When it is dissolved in water, it forms carbonic acid H2CO3, a weak acid which is used to lower the pH of water.