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Colorado state flag Colorado Pool Regulations

Colorado Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations 

Public pools in Colorado are required to have certain safety equipment on site at all times. This includes a first-aid kit, rescue tube, and ring buoy so that you can keep your pool enjoyable for everyone who swims there!

Colorado pool regulations are designed to ensure the safety of swimmers and maintain water quality. Swimming pools are required to open during certain hours and have a limited capacity, typically based on the size of the pool and its intended use. Additionally, gas chlorine rooms must be equipped with a Hazardous Materials Classification sign (Chlorine Danger) affixed to the entry door.


Code: Colorado Regulation 5 CCR 1003-5
Effective Date: April 30, 1998
Governing Body: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Notes: Our Colorado Pool Rules sign consolidates a variety of health and safety concerns outlined in the Colorado 5 CCR 1003-5 including hours open and closed and pool capacity. Colorado requires that the gas chlorine room shall have a Hazardous Materials Classification sign (Chlorine Danger) affixed to the entry door.

Required Equipment for Public Pools

Safety Equipment Notes

Lifeguard Signs

Capacity Signs

Chemical Signs

Pool Rules Signs

Spa Rules Signs

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