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Pool Patrol Pool Alarm With Remote Receiver
5 (4)
Poolweb.com #PA-30
131 in stock
PoolGuard Pool Door Alarm
3 (1)
Poolweb.com #DAPT2
198 in stock
PoolGuard Pool Door Wireless Alarm
Poolweb.com #DAPTWT
1 in stock
PoolGuard Inground Pool Alarm With Remote Receiver
Poolweb.com #PGRM2
231 in stock
PoolGuard Pool Gate Alarm
Poolweb.com #GAPT2
55 in stock
Pool Patrol Pool Alarm Without Remote
4.7 (3)
Poolweb.com #PA-25
15 in stock
PoolGuard Screen Door Kit for Pool Door Alarms
Poolweb.com #PGSD
13 in stock
Pool Patrol Door/Gate Alarm With Remote Receiver
Poolweb.com #GA-30
Limited Stock Available
Pool Patrol Door/Gate Alarm Without Remote
Poolweb.com #GA-25
Limited Stock Available
Spa Alert Alarm - Sound and LED Lights - NEMA 4X
Poolweb.com #AVPW120CXFTRP
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What is a swimming pool alarm?

A swimming pool alarm is a type of security device designed to provide additional safety in and around residential or commercial pools. It typically consists of a sensor that can detect when someone enters the water and then emit an audible alarm as a warning.

Swimming pool alarms are designed to be simple to install and operate, they are also typically battery-powered so they don't require any external power sources. Many models have adjustable sensitivity settings that can be adjusted depending on the size of the pool or surrounding environment. Additionally, many modern alarm systems come with additional features such as night vision cameras, motion sensors, and remote control capabilities.