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CN-Ti Series 680,000 BTUs Titanium Tube Heat Exchanger
ValuTech #CN680TI
Allow 10-14 Days to Ship
EnergyRite ERL402 399,000 BTUs Pool Heater - Propane Gas
Lochinvar #ERL402
Ships from the manufacturer
EnergyRite ERN302 300,000 BTUs Pool Heater - Natural Gas
Lochinvar #ERN302
Extended Manufacturer Lead Time
EnergyRite ERN152 150,000 BTUs Pool Heater - Natural Gas
Lochinvar #ERN152
Extended Manufacturer Lead Time
TR Series Electric Salt Water Pool Heater 12kW - 208 Volts Three-Phase - 34 Amps
Coates #32012TR
Extended Manufacturer Lead Time
PR406AMNC 399,000 BTUs Pool and Spa Millivolt Heater - Natural Gas
Raypak #R009195
Allow 14-21 Days to Ship
PR207ALENC 199,500 BTUs Pool and Spa Low NOx Digital Heater - Natural Gas
Raypak #R009240
Allow 14-21 Days to Ship
CPH Series Electric Pool Heater 24kW - 240 Volts Single-Phase - 102 Amps
Coates #12424CPH
Extended Manufacturer Lead Time
CE Series Electric Pool Heater 12kW - 208 Volts Three-Phase - 34 Amps
Coates #32012CE
Extended Manufacturer Lead Time
E3T ELS-R-0030-3-TI 3-Phase Electric Heater 30kW - 208 Volts
Raypak #019145
Allow 10-14 Days to Ship

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Swimming Pool and Spa Heaters

A pool heater can vastly improve your swimming experience by allowing you to enjoy your pool all year-round. Unlike other heating sources, such as solar covers or manual heating, a pool heater provides an efficient and consistent method of warming the water in your pool.

Additionally, a pool heater can extend the length of your swimming season, allowing you to enjoy warm water even during colder months. By providing efficient temperature control and reliable performance, a pool heater can significantly improve the overall comfort and enjoyment of your swimming experience. Furthermore, with proper energy-efficient models, you can also reduce operating costs associated with running a pool heater. Therefore, investing in a quality pool heater is an excellent way to increase comfort levels for swimmers as well as potentially saving on energy costs in the long run. 

Are pool heaters gas or electric?

Pool heaters can be either gas or electric, depending on the model and type of swimming pool. Gas heaters use natural gas or propane, while electric heaters use standard electricity. Gas heaters are typically more expensive to install but may provide a cost-savings in the long run as they are generally more efficient than electric models. Additionally, gas heaters have the advantage of being able to provide a faster heating time and higher temperatures than an electric heater can manage.

Electric pool heaters, however, tend to be less expensive up front and require less maintenance over time. They also offer more precise temperature control and are quieter in operation than their gas counterparts. They could be more expensive to run long term depending on your local cost of electricity. 

Who are the major pool heater manufacturers?

The pool heating industry is dominated by several major manufacturers, including Coates, Lochinvar, Pentair, and Raypak. These companies produce a wide range of pool heaters, from energy-efficient models to high-powered commercial units.

Raypak is a well-known name in the pool heating world, producing gas-fired heaters that are renowned for their efficiency and durability. Their products range from small, residential units to large commercial heaters capable of heating Olympic-sized pools.

Coates has been manufacturing pool heaters for over 60 years and is known for producing high-quality, reliable heaters. Their line of electric heaters is particularly popular, offering precise temperature control and easy integration with pool automation systems.

Lochinvar is a leading manufacturer of gas-fired pool heaters, offering both natural gas and propane models. Their heaters feature high-efficiency ratings, durable construction, and advanced diagnostic systems for easy troubleshooting.

Pentair is another major player in the pool heating industry, offering a full line of heaters for both residential and commercial applications. Their units are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and easy-to-maintain components.

Overall, these major manufacturers offer consumers a wide range of options for heating their pools, with each company bringing their own unique strengths to the market. Regardless of which brand consumers choose, they can rest assured that they are getting a quality product that will provide reliable heating for years to come.