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SkimMaster Skimmer Basket - SPX1070E
4.4 (17)
Poolweb.com #SPX1070E
49 in stock
HydroSkim Skimmer Basket
4.9 (40)
Pentair #513330
66 in stock
Auto-Skim SP1080 SP1075-77 Skimmer Basket B-152
4.8 (9)
Poolweb.com #SPX1082CA
80 in stock
Deluxe Skimmer Basket - 17.5L
4.9 (23)
Astral #4402010504
15 in stock
U-3 Skimmer Basket With Handle
4.6 (5)
Pentair #08650-0007
Allow 3-6 Weeks to Ship
Bermuda Skimmer Basket
2.3 (4)
Poolweb.com #516112
22 in stock
B-168 Skimmer Basket - SP1090, SP1092, SP1096-1098 - SPX1096CA
4.9 (9)
Poolweb.com #SPX1096CA
19 in stock
FlowStar Skimmer Basket
5 (8)
AquaStar #SK6
16 in stock
Skimmer Basket B-9 With Handle for Hayward SP1070
5 (6)
Pentair #R38008
2 in stock
Baker Hydro Skimmer Basket B-136
4.8 (6)
Poolweb.com #APCB136
29 in stock
Admiral Floating Weir Skimmer Basket B-37
5 (3)
Poolweb.com #R38013A
8 in stock
Sylvan Basket B-133
5 (1)
Poolweb.com #59200107
10 in stock
SP1090WM Widemouth Skimmer Basket
Hayward #SPX1090WMSB
209 in stock
SwimQuip Aboveground Skimmer Basket
5 (2)
Poolweb.com #0956-0114
118 in stock
SwimQuip XL6 Short Skimmer Basket B-187
Poolweb.com #162000
30 in stock
SwimQuip Sentinel Skimmer Basket B-208
Poolweb.com #86602
4 in stock
Dyna-Skim Aboveground Skimmer Basket With Handle
Hayward #SPX1091C
811 in stock
$11.99 $16.70
WF Skimmer Basket
Jacuzzi #43-1092-06-R
73 in stock
SV Skimmer Basket - Black
Jacuzzi #43-0677-03-R
Limited Stock Available
Baker Hydro Skimmer Basket - No Handle
Baker-Hydro #51B1005
98 in stock
Lomart 4010 Skimmer Basket B-197
Poolweb.com #4010
6 in stock
PacFab Skimmer Basket B-43
Poolweb.com #513151
14 in stock
Alladin B-32 Stubby Skimmer Basket
Poolweb.com #APCB32
37 in stock
PMT Skimmer Basket B-183
Poolweb.com #43050707R
50 in stock

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Pool Skimmer Replacement Baskets

Pool skimmer baskets have multiple benefits. They provide a barrier between the water and all of the debris, they can store large items like branches that would otherwise clog up your pump filter or propeller, bugs will get trapped in their mesh netting which is often overlooked as an important component to maintaining good water quality.

Why should I replace by skimmer basket?

Replacing your swimming pool skimmer basket is an important part of proper pool maintenance. Skimmer baskets are designed to collect debris, leaves, and other contaminants before they can enter the filtration system and clog up the filters or pump. By regularly replacing the skimmer basket, you will help ensure that your pool remains clean, healthy, and safe for swimming.

Additionally, a replaced skimmer basket can help reduce strain on the pump by allowing water to more easily pass through it. As a result, you may also notice an improvement in energy efficiency and cost savings on your utility bills. Therefore, it is important to replace your skimmer basket regularly so that your pool remains free from debris and contaminants while also helping to prevent costly repairs related to clogged filters or pumps.

How does a pool skimmer basket work?

A pool skimmer basket is a crucial piece of equipment for keeping your swimming pool clean and free of debris. It works by using your pool pump to draw surface and floating debris into the basket, while simultaneously preventing large objects from entering the filter system and causing damage.

The skimmer basket is placed inside the skimmer before water enters the pipe on the way towards the pump. Inside the basket, there are small holes that allow the water to be sucked in and filtered by the pump. The items that are trapped inside will then be emptied out on a regular basis to ensure maximum filtration of water.