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M200 Diagnostic Swivel Cable - 1.2M DIY - Grommet Above Support M200 Diagnostic Swivel Cable - 1.2M DIY - Grommet Above Support M200 Diagnostic Swivel Cable - 1.2M DIY - Grommet Above Support M200 Diagnostic Swivel Cable - 1.2M DIY - Grommet Above Support
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Poolweb #9995793-DIY

M200 Diagnostic Swivel Cable - 1.2M DIY - Grommet Above Support

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Product Information


This is a Maytronics Diagnostic Swivel Cable measuring 1.2 meters. It is DIY with Grommet Above Support, 2-wire rubber spring.

This cable will fit the following model Dolphin cleaners: M200 (E55) Poolcorp, Nautilus Plus Poolcorp, Nautilus CC Plus.

Product Features

  • Genuine Maytronics replacement cable swivel.

Maytronics Cable Types

  • ASSY (Assembly): Maytronics Robotic Cleaner Cables are currently labeled Assembly (ASSY) or DIY (Do It Yourself) depending on the design of the plug on the motor end of the cable. For most of the older models, the cord was installed through the small hole in the side panel of the cleaner. Because the opening on the side was too small for the cord with the plug on the end, the wires needed to be threaded through the opening first and then attached to a plug with a Retrofit Kit (9991279) before being connected to the motor. The cables with assembled plugs are designated as "ASSY" at the end of the manufacturer/SKU number.
  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself): Maytronics created a molded plug that is permanently attached to the motor end of the cable when they improved the design. Instead of coming through the small hole in the side, the cable enters through the top of the cleaner and is simply plugged into the top of the motor. Because this cable design is much simpler to install, it is designated as (DIY for Do It Yourself) at the end of the manufacturer/SKU number.

Why should you buy a genuine Maytronics part for your cleaner?

As an authorized Maytronics dealer, strongly recommends using only genuine Maytronics parts for your pool cleaner. There are several reasons why it is important to use authentic parts, rather than cheaper knock-off options. Poolweb only sells genuine Maytronics parts that are new from the factory. 

Using genuine Maytronics parts will ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your pool cleaner. These parts have been specifically designed and manufactured to work seamlessly with Maytronics cleaning systems, providing the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness in maintaining your pool.

Finally, purchasing genuine Maytronics parts from an authorized dealer like guarantees that you are receiving a quality product. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit products on the market that may look identical to genuine

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Poolweb Item #9995793-DIY
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