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Poolweb Pool Automation Chemical Monitoring sku: CH255
Chemtrol 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller Chemtrol 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller Chemtrol 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller Chemtrol 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller Chemtrol 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller
  • Chemtrol 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller
  • Chemtrol 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller
  • Chemtrol 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller
  • Chemtrol 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller
  • Chemtrol 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller
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Chemtrol 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller

By Chemtrol
Poolweb #CH255
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The CHEMTROL 255 PPM/pH Digital Controller features a new Chlorine Sensor that gives easy-to-use, direct and reliable readings of Free Chlorine concentration in water. Unlike other chlorine sensors on the market, this sensor is simple to install and highly reliable. It does not require expensive reagents and is compatible with cyanuric acid (CYA) at all concentrations. It is so reliable that it carries a two-year warranty.

The new PPM sensor is a solid state sensor with a selective membrane that provides direct readings of Free Chlorine in water at concentrations ranging from 0.1 to 10 ppm (parts per million) or mg/l (milligrams per liter). These are true readings of Free Chlorine and not approximate values derived from ORP readings.

A key advantage of this sensor is that it is not affected by the use of any type od Cyanuric Acid stabilizers and/or oxidizers, thereby assuring constant Free Chlorine levels at all times. Extensive laboratory and field tests have shown it ito be very accurate and reliable.

A bright LCD display shows ORP and/or pH readings, calibration adjustments and alarm limits. The five LED lights indicate the operating modes (OFF, Manual or Auto), feed status, out-of-range alarms and overfeed alarms. The front panel controls include setpoint, calibration, low and high alarm limits, safety timer limit and proportional feed adjustment. Feed control is either ON/OFF or Proportional. The Proportional Feed feature is particularly useful to avoid overfeeding in small bodies of water. It reduces the feed cycle time progressively as the sensor reading approaches the setpoint.

All CHEMTROL controllers are user-friendly, reliable and easy to install and operate. Every unit is supplied with a comprehensive operation manual and a FIVE-YEAR electronics warranty.


  • Displays Sanitizer/PPM and pH
  • All Functions on Front Panel
  • Adjustable Setpoints
  • Adjustable Alarms
  • Acid/Base Selector
  • Proportional Feed
  • Overfeed Safety Timers
  • Rain and Splash Proof Cabinet
  • Easy to Install & Simple to Use
  • Includes probes and flow-cell
  • 5-year Electronics Warranty

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Poolweb Item #CH255
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Shipping Weight12.0 lb

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