E3T ELS-R-0018-3-TI 3-Phase Electric Heater 18kW - 208 Volts E3T ELS-R-0018-3-TI 3-Phase Electric Heater 18kW - 208 Volts E3T ELS-R-0018-3-TI 3-Phase Electric Heater 18kW - 208 Volts
  • E3T ELS-R-0018-3-TI 3-Phase Electric Heater 18kW - 208 Volts
  • E3T ELS-R-0018-3-TI 3-Phase Electric Heater 18kW - 208 Volts
  • E3T ELS-R-0018-3-TI 3-Phase Electric Heater 18kW - 208 Volts
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E3T ELS-R-0018-3-TI 3-Phase Electric Heater 18kW - 208 Volts

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The Raypak E3T 3-Phase Commercial Electric Heater, Model ELS-R-0018-3-TI, is 208 volts and 18kW. The E3T electric heaters have a robust design with advanced operational features. The heater has a robust design made to stand up against tough conditions. This includes salt water; all models are very durable against salt water conditions.

The E3T 3-Phase 18kW heaters feature Titanium heating elements for better quality and longer performance. It also features Flow Protection which prevents the unit from dry firing (15-60 GPM). The Low-Temp Operating Mode prevents the heater from damage due to sharp drops in the system's water temperature. And the Load Detection prevents the unit from unwanted heating when there is no call for heat.

The Best-In-Class Controls feature an 80 character display which allows more operational and diagnostic data at a glance. The codes are very easy to understnding with no blinking lights and abbreviated fault codes.

Installation and service are easy because it was built with the facility manager and servicer in mind. The E3T 3-Phase Commercial Electric Heaters are perfect for multi-family housing, schools, hotels, aquatic centers, and more!

Product Features

  • 3-Phase Electric, 18kW, 208 Volts
  • Titanium heating elements for better quality and longer performance
  • Durable design stands up to tough conditions including salt water
  • Includes 2 inch NPT unions
  • Easy to understand codes
  • 80 character display
  • Flow Protection prevents unit from dry firing
  • Low-Temp Operating Mode
  • Easy to install and service

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Not all pool professionals, electricians, plumbers, or gas technicians have the experience or qualifications necessary to install a pool heater. Please check your local codes or contact your local governing agencies to determine what licenses are required and if any permits are required BEFORE you purchase.

There are various other considerations that can affect the life and operation of the heater, such as the type of sanitization systems present in your pool. We highly recommend installing a pool chemistry control system in conjunction with your heater. Consistently properly balanced pool water will greatly extend the life of your heater.

Not every pool heater can be installed in every state. There are special considerations that need to be made in particular regions of the country or in specific states. If you are unsure of what type, model or accessories to purchase to ensure a safe and complaint heater, please contact us for assistance.

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The benefits of their new extended limited warranty, include 2-year extended warranty, professional in person service, 24-hour or same-day service, genuine Raypak parts, and factory technical support. Additional information on the terms and conditions and how their warranty impacts you, this item and the installation process, please visit the Raypak website

Technical Specifications

Product CategoryPool and Spa Heaters
Poolweb Item #019141
Cross Reference #ELS-R-0018-3-TI
Shipping Weight42.0 lb

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