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Muriatic Acid Danger Instruction Sign - 12 x 18 Inches on Adhesive Vinyl
  • Muriatic Acid Danger Instruction Sign - 12 x 18 Inches on Adhesive Vinyl
Poolweb #5342WV1218E

Muriatic Acid Danger Instruction Sign - 12 x 18 Inches on Adhesive Vinyl

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Pool Chemical Signs

Pool Chemical signs are essential for safety purposes. This Muriatic Acid Danger sign lists the dangers associated with the chemical and gives instructions on handling. It is a good idea to have an instructional chemical sign posted by all facilities utilizing these chemicals.

High-Quality Durable Signs

Our vinyl signs are printed on waterproof white vinyl with UV resistant inks to prevent fading. They have adhesive backing for placement on flat surfaces.

Easy to Install

Our vinyl signs can be easily installed on a clean flat surface. You simply line the sign up on the surface using masking tape and then peel the backing off from the top.

Product Information


This Muriatic Acid Danger sign measures 12 x 18 inches, is printed on .040 Glossy Adhesive Vinyl and is designed to post the hazards of Muriatic Acid in your pool chemical roomor on its door. Our Danger signs indicate an imminently hazardous situation. This sign is lightweight, durable, and waterproof for indoor or outdoor use.

This swimming pool and facility pool sign is designed for harsh swimming pool and outdoor environments. Printed using our high-quality weather and sun resistant inks on waterproof white vinyl, this sign has an adhesive backing. It can be easily installed on any clean, flat surface.

Product Features

  • Overall Sign Size: 12 x 18 Inches
  • Printed on waterproof white vinyl
  • Printed with UV resistant inks to prevent fading
  • Adheres to most flat smooth surfaces
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Installations

This Sign Reads...


Do Not Take Internally

Avoid Contact with Skin, Eyes or Clothing

Avoid Breathing Fumes


Causes Burns - Vapor Can Be Extremely Hazardous. Do not Combine with Other Chemicals. Reacts Vigorously With Most Metals.

Do Not Drop Or Strike Containers. Do Not Store Near Ventilating Systems Or Where Gas Might Spread Rapidly. Store In Dry Place.


  1. Immediately Flush Skin Or Eyes With Water For At Least 15 Minutes.
  2. Remove Patient From Contaminated Area. Remove All Contaminated Clothing Under Safety Shower.
  3. Keep Patient Warm. Get Medical Attention.
  4. Never Attempt To Give Anything By Mouth To An Unconscious Person.
  5. If Ingested, Give Patient Large Amounts Of Water Or Milk. DO NOT Induce Vomiting.


Spills Should Be Handled Immediately By Neutralization And Dilution Of The Spilled Product By The Use Of Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate), Lime (Calcium Hydroxide),Or Limestone (Calcium Carbonate) With Large Amounts Of Water.


Liquid Will Cause Serious Skin Burns. Wear Full Protective Equipment.

Consult Corresponding MSDS for Further Hazardous Information & Instructions

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Product CategoryPool Chemical Signs
Poolweb Item #5342WV1218E
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