SpaWand Pro - Professional Model SpaWand Pro - Professional Model SpaWand Pro - Professional Model SpaWand Pro - Professional Model
  • SpaWand Pro - Professional Model
  • SpaWand Pro - Professional Model
  • SpaWand Pro - Professional Model
  • SpaWand Pro - Professional Model
Poolweb #5-200-00

SpaWand Pro - Professional Model

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Precision Spot Cleaning

The SpaWand Pro is ideal for pool professionals for touch-up cleanings in spas or other small bodies of water, keeping it clean in between vacuuming.

No Battery Needed!

The SpaWand Pro is powered by hand pumping to create a vacuum. No electricity or batteries needed.

Healthy Water

The Polaris SpaWand Pro is perfect for pool professionals who need to spot clean small bodies of water, keeping your spa or fountain clean, safe, and healthy in between vacuuming.

Product Information


The Polaris SpaWand Pro with wall mount is an effective hand-held cleaning device for cleaning your spa, pool steps, and other small bodies of water. The Pro is made of fiberglass for extra durability and commercial or professional use. Like the SpaWand, the Pro uses no hoses or hook-ups and is very simple to use. You just aim at the debris, compress the pump, and the debris is collected in the SpaWand independent filter. And the filter screen is easy to remove and clean.

The SpaWand Pro comes with two different nozzles that have three specific uses. The Dual Purpose Nozzle fits directly onto the SpaWand End-Cap Base and flips to become either a narrow or bell end. The Wide Sweep Nozzle fits over the narrow end of the Dual Purpose Nozzle. The Dual Purpose Nozzle is for removing large debris and to remove floating debris. The Wide Sweep Nozzle is for removing dirt and silt from the bottom.

The SpaWand Pro is great for all small bodies of water and little nooks and corners in a swimming pool. It is an essential complement for any cleaning professional.

Product Features

  • Constructed of fiberglass for extra durability
  • Simple and effective hand-held spa cleaning device
  • Perfect for pool steps and corners
  • No batteries, hoses or hook-ups
  • Draws in debris and water as you pull handle
  • Includes two different nozzles
  • Includes wall mount for storage
  • Reach is 55 inches

Technical Specifications

Product CategoryManual Battery Pool Cleaners
Poolweb Item #5-200-00
Cross Reference #5-500-00
Shipping Weight38.6 lb

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