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HammerHead Remora Portable Vacuum System HammerHead Remora Portable Vacuum System HammerHead Remora Portable Vacuum System HammerHead Remora Portable Vacuum System
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Poolweb #XR1600

HammerHead Remora Portable Vacuum System

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A Powerful Mobile Vacuum

The Hammerhead Remora is just as powerful as the original Hammerhead. You can clean multiple pools as the battery pack is wearable.

Battery Powered

The Remora is powered by a PowerSonic lithium battery which is included. It plugs into a NOCO Genius battery charged included!

Healthy Water

For a crystal clear and clean pool, the Hammerhead Remora cannot be beat. From rocks to the finest silt particles, the Remora will leave the pool healthy and inviting for an inviting swim.

Product Information


The innovative HammerHead Remora pool cleaner is a legendary HammerHead vacuum outfitted with a smaller lightweight motor and paired with a wearable and rechargeable lithium battery pack. The Remora pool vacuum is completely portable and powered by a lithium battery. The battery pack is fitted with a hook and loop belt/strap that can be worn on the hip, over the shoulder, or across your body. The Remora portable pool cleaner is perfect for pool technicians, resorts, condos, and homeowners who want fast professional results. The Remora is a professional-grade cleaner designed with the same spirit of quality appreciated by thousands of pool technicians around the world.

The Remora includes its own lightweight 21 inch vacuum head, debris bag, lithium battery pack with 2-speed Hammer-Head Smart-Switch, and the Dakota Lithium 12 volt battery charger. (Please note that the vacuum heads for the regular HammerHead pool cleaners will not work with the Remora. It has its own vac head.)

The PowerSonic LiFeP04 lithium battery features an automatic safety shutoff if the propeller is obstructed or if the motor is running out of water for more than a minute. You can download the PowerSonic app to your smart device to monitor real-time battery health and charge level. And, when needed, you can charge the battery back up with the Dakota Lithium battery charger. The Dakota charger has been optimized for use with the LiFePO4 lithium battery.

The entire Remora package only weighs 18 pounds. The vacuum head is 8 pounds lighter than the standard 21 inch HammerHead vac head. Sometimes using a standard HammerHead pool vacuum can be impractical. But the Remora vacuum goes where you go! It allows you the freedom of movement to go up stairs, through narrow passageways, indoors, through heavy landscaping, and wherever else space is limited.

You never have to change valves, hook up cumbersome hoses, or stop part-way through to clean your pool’s filter and strainer. All debris is picked up in the included, reusable HammerHead HH1508 superfine debris bag. With debris bags available in four different grades, from coarse to ultra-fine, you can tackle any dirty pool with confidence and ease.

Product Features

  • 21 inch Vac Head has integrated handle for portability
  • Wearable battery pack with PowerSonic LiFeP04 lithium battery
  • Battery Life is Approximately 2000 duty cycles or 5 years at one duty cycle
  • Sealed small motor assembly with 2-blade prop
  • 18 foot power cord and exclusive quick-plug
  • Plugs into Dakota LiFePO4 battery charger included
  • 2-speed HammerHead Smart Switch
  • Hook and loop waist or shoulder strap
  • Underwater run-time on full speed = 50 minutes
  • Underwater run-time on low speed = 75 minutes
  • One-Year Warranty

Why should you buy the HammerHead Remora Cleaner?

HammerHead swimming pool cleaners are the best type of cleaner for pool professionals to use due to their durability, efficiency, and versatility. HammerHead cleaners feature heavy-duty construction and components designed to stand up to frequent use in commercial settings. The cleaners are equipped with powerful motors that enable them to quickly remove dirt and debris from a wide variety of pool surfaces.

The regular HammerHeads feature different head sizes, allowing professionals to customize the cleaning process for different pool types and sizes. Additionally, HammerHead's technology is compatible with both saltwater and freshwater pools, making it an ideal choice for any professional looking for an all-purpose cleaner. With these features combined into one package, HammerHeads offer a comprehensive solution for efficient, effective pool cleaning that any professional can depend upon.

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Product CategoryManual Battery Pool Cleaners
Poolweb Item #XR1600
Shipping Weight35.0 lb

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