Depth Markers (6 categories)

3M Stick-On Depth Markers

These deck and coping pool depth markers are slip resistant and designed for above the water line and deck placement around your pool and deck. They are quick and easy to install...

Plastic Overlay Depth Markers

Plastic overlay pool depth markers are made to mark the waterline depth in your pool. They have rounded corners, a smooth surface, and a thin profile. They can be installed over ...

Skid Resistant Ceramic Depth Markers

Quality frost-resistant ceramic pool tile depth markers, black on white background. Tiles have a skid resistant surface for placement on the pool deck. Ceramic depth markers are ...

Smooth Ceramic Depth Markers

Quality frost-resistant ceramic pool tile depth markers, black print on white background. Tiles have a smooth surface for waterline marking. Ceramic depth markers are used as a p...

Reusable Stencil Depth Markers

Paint your own depth marker with our reusable stencils! Made of high impact white styrene plastic.

Single Use Stencil Depth Markers

Our one-time use stencils are made of virgin vinyl and are economically priced. Please call for custom stencils!

Depth Markers for Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool depth markers identify the water depth around the pool for swimmers. State codes require public pools to be plainly marked at the waterline and/or on the pool deck with depth markers. Additionally, depth markers on the deck are required to be anti-slip. The height of the numbers on the marker are usually required to be at least 4 inches, depending on your state. Depth markers are available in ceramic tile, stick-on 3M, stick-on plastic or stencils. Tile depth markers are available in skid resistant for pool decks and smooth for pool walls and water lines.

These pool safety tiles should be placed at least to mark the minimum depth and maximum depth. They should be placed on both sides and at each end of the pool and between the shallow and deep end.