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Ultra Bromine 1 Inch Tabs - 25 Lbs.
Haviland #C002498-PL25
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Pool and Spa Bromine Tabs

Using bromine to keep a pool clean is incredibly important for maintaining a healthy and safe swimming environment. Bromine is an effective sanitizer, killing disease-causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses that may inhabit pools. Additionally, bromine is very stable in both hot and cold temperatures; this allows it to remain active and provide protection against contaminants even during extreme weather conditions. Bromine is also more gentle on the skin than chlorine and other chemical treatments, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Finally, bromine breaks down quickly into harmless components when exposed to sunlight which reduces the need for frequent applications of new chemicals or top ups. Thus, using bromine as part of your pool maintenance routine helps ensure your guests have a pleasant and safe swimming experience while minimizing the amount of chemical treatment needed overall.