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DE Filter Grids 109 Results

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ProGrid DE3600 Filter Grid Element Cluster 36 Square Feet - Complete
Item #: DEX3600DC
Allow 3-6 Months to Ship
Nautilus/FNS Compatible Filter Grid Element 60 Square Feet - 30 Inch
Item #: APCFGR4
2049 in stock
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ProGrid/MicroClear DE2420 Filter Grid Element 24 Square Feet - 12 Inches Partial Grid
Item #: DEX2400DS
Allow 3-6 Months to Ship

Replacement Pool DE Filter Grids

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters are extremely efficient at filtering out sediment that floats on water, but only if the grids are undamaged and free of holes. Keep your filter working happily with a deal from Poolweb that is ready for shipment!