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Brightline Glass Filter Media - 40 Pound Bag
Poolweb #GFM40
11629 in stock
White Pool Sand for Sand Filters - 50 Pound Bag
5 (1)
Poolweb #WSND50
2023 in stock
Brown Pool Sand for Sand Filters- 50 Pound Bag
5 (1)
Poolweb #SND50
5394 in stock
Pool Gravel for Sand Filters - Bulk Pricing for 50 Pound Bags
Poolweb #GVL50-Pal
Allow 10-14 Days to Ship
Zeobrite Alternative Sand Filter Media - 25 Pound Bag
4 (1)
Poolweb #23780BPG
32 in stock
Harborlite Perlite - 25 Pound Bag
Neptune Benson #13040
Allow 7-10 Days to Ship
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Powder - 12 Pound Bag
5 (2)
Poolweb #DE12B
500 in stock
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Powder - 25 Pound
5 (2)
Poolweb #DE25
12 in stock
Perlite AquaPerl Filter Powder - 12 Lb. Bag - DE Alternative
5 (4)
Poolweb #AP125
277 in stock

Pool Filter Media

Pool filters rely on high quality media to filter the water to crystal clear quality. Our DE, sand and glass pool filter media provide this level of quality that is seen in commercial pools world wide. 

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is the ultimate pool filter media. When using quality DE filters, your pool and spa water will be crystal clear, eliminating any intrusions on a particle level. Diatoms provide microscopic filtration while sand or glass can also be used for pools as well as gravels in spas. Check out our wide assortment of brands and types here at Poolweb.com!