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Poolweb Water Testing Specialty Test Kits sku: K-1738
Taylor Midget Copper .2-3.0 ppm Test Kit Cuprizone - K-1738
  • Taylor Midget Copper .2-3.0 ppm Test Kit Cuprizone - K-1738
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Taylor Midget Copper .2-3.0 ppm Test Kit Cuprizone - K-1738

By Taylor
Poolweb #K-1738
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This is a Taylor Midget Comparator Copper Cuprione Test Kit. The K-1738 Kit tests for copper using the midget comparator and cuprizone chemistry.

Copper in swimming pool water is common as there are many sources for copper to find its way into your pool water including chemical agents. Water naturally can hold a certain amount of dissolved copper also. You ideally do not want any copper or any other metals in your swimming pool water. Copper levels should be 0.2 ppm to 0.4 ppm. If it goes above 0.4 ppm, it is okay as long as it is under 1.0 ppm.


  • Copper: .2-3.0 ppm.
  • Reagents are 3/4 ounces.
  • Reagents: R-0860-A and R-0861-A.

Instructions for Color Comparison Copper Test

1. Rinse and fill 11.5 mL test cell (#4024) to 11.5 mL mark with water to be tested.

2. Using a 0.5 mL pipet (#4028), add 0.5 mL R-0860 Copper Reagent #1. Cap and mix.

3. Using a separate 0.5 mL pipet, add 0.5 mL R-0861 Copper Reagent #2. Cap and mix.

4. Wipe dry and place in comparator WITH FROSTED SIDE FACING OPERATOR. WAIT 5 MINUTES.

5. Match color in test cell with a color standard. Record as parts per million (ppm) copper (Cu).

Review detailed instructions included. A pdf of the detailed instructions can be found under Product Documents.

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Poolweb Item #K-1738
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