Poolweb First Response Rescue Cans

Rescue Cans

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Lifeguard Rescue Can - 28 Inch Red
5 (1)
Poolweb.com #AQ6830
98 in stock
Patrol Rescue Can - 28 Inch Yellow
Poolweb.com #AQ6856
27 in stock
$59.99 $65.99
Lifeguard Rescue Can - 34 Inch Red
4.5 (4)
Poolweb.com #AQ6831
74 in stock
Rescue Can Mounting Bracket for 28 Inch Can
Poolweb.com #AQRCB-28
2 in stock
Replacement Rescue Can Strap
Poolweb.com #AQ6832
48 in stock
$5.99 $7.69
Rescue Can Mounting Bracket for 33-34 Inch Can
Poolweb.com #AQRCB-33
1 in stock

Lifeguard Rescue Cans

Rescue cans are not just for lifeguards, they also work well in emergencies. These high-quality rescue cans are designed to provide flotation for the lifeguard during a rescue situation as well as for the victim to grab onto and remain out of the water.