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Rescue Tube 50 Inch - Splash Design
Poolweb.com #AQ6885-NBL
Multiple Colors in Stock
Guard Rescue Tube - 50 Inch
5 (2)
Poolweb.com #AQ6854
112 in stock
$79.99 $87.56
Guard Rescue Tube - 40 Inch
5 (3)
Poolweb.com #AQ6852
218 in stock
$54.99 $70.68
Guard Rescue Tube with Cutaway - 53 Inch
5 (2)
Poolweb.com #AQ6853
Allow 1-2 Days to Ship
Express Ship
Protective Sleeve Cover for Rescue Tubes - Red
Poolweb.com #AQ6855
4 in stock
Guard Rescue Tube 50 Inch - Guard of the Week Royal Blue
Poolweb.com #AQ6879
Allow 3-5 Days to Ship
Protective Sleeve Cover for Rescue Tubes With Hole for CPR Mask
Poolweb.com #AQ6888
23 in stock
$19.99 $24.20
Sold out
YMCA Rescue Tube - 39.5 Inch
Poolweb.com #AQ6887
Currently Unavailable
Lifeguard Tube Repair 3 Inch Round Patch - Clear - Pack of 5
Poolweb.com #CPC-011
40 in stock
Lifeguard Tube Repair 3 x 5 Inch Patch - Clear - Pack of 5
1 (1)
Poolweb.com #CPC-022
7 in stock

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Lifeguard Rescue Tubes

Lifeguard rescue tubes are important tools for lifeguards because they provide a means of extending assistance to swimmers in need. Rescue tubes enable lifeguards to reach people who are struggling in the water quickly, without endangering themselves and other swimmers. The buoyant nature of the tube also helps keep the swimmer afloat and makes it easier for them to be towed back to safety.

Additionally, rescue tubes provide extended reach so that a lifeguard can reach a person beyond their arm’s length if needed. Lifeguards often use rescue tubes as an added precaution when making rescues, helping to ensure that the person being rescued has the best chance of being retrieved safely from danger.