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Spineboard With Straps and Head Immobilizer - Orange Combo
4.5 (2)
Poolweb.com #AQ6835C
11 in stock
Polyethylene Spineboard 17 x 72 Inches - Orange
Poolweb.com #AQ6845-ORG
97 in stock
Spineboard With Straps and Ferno Head Immobilizer - Orange Combo
Poolweb.com #AQ6835C-F
Allow 1-2 Days to Ship
Polyethylene Spineboard - 18 x 72 Inches
Poolweb.com #AQ6845M-OR
Allow 3-5 Days to Ship
Bak-Pak Ultra Spineboard
Poolweb.com #AQ6842M-BK
Allow 3-5 Days to Ship
Bak-Pak II Spineboard
Poolweb.com #AQ6836-OR
1 in stock
$219.99 $242.34
Head Immobilizer - Red
Poolweb.com #AQ6877
17 in stock
Ferno Head Immobilizer - Red
Poolweb.com #AQ6843
2 in stock
Head Immobilizer - Orange
Poolweb.com #AQ6876
Allow 1-2 Days to Ship
Express Ship
Body Restraint Spineboard Strap - Orange
Poolweb.com #AQ7220
285 in stock
Express Ship
Slick Fast Straps - Set of 3
Poolweb.com #AQ6840M-BL
6 in stock
Polypropylene Spineboard Strap - 7 Feet
Poolweb.com #AQ6837M-BK
1 in stock
Spider Strap System - Multi-Colored
Poolweb.com #AQ6841
2 in stock
$89.00 $101.11
Pediatric Spineboard - 44 Inches - Orange
Poolweb.com #AQ6897
Allow 1-2 Days to Ship
Maxi-Wide Bak-Pak Spineboard
Poolweb.com #AQ6857
Allow 3-5 Days to Ship
Loop Lock Spineboard Straps
Poolweb.com #AQ6838M-OR
1 in stock
Leg Immobilizer - Red
Poolweb.com #AQ6886
Allow 3-5 Days to Ship
SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer Starter Pack
Poolweb.com #AQ6878
2 in stock
$79.99 $100.90
Rescue Board Strap Pak Starter Set
Poolweb.com #666-230-BL
2 in stock

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Spineboards for Pools and Lifeguards

Pool spine boards are helpful because they provide a stable platform for transporting injured swimmers safely out of the water. They are especially useful when there is a risk of exacerbating a neck or spinal injury. The boards help to immobilize the head and neck, reducing further potential damage to the patient while they are being transported.

They can help keep the victim from slipping off the board during transport and allow medical professionals to attend to their needs more quickly. Pool spine boards also provide an effective way of positioning an injured swimmer on a pool deck before more advanced treatment is administered. This offers more stability than if they were simply pulled out of the water by lifeguards or other personnel, which could cause further trauma or increase pain levels for the patient.